Konstantina and Kosta: My Two Greek Friends

Last fall I went to Greece. I had not been to Greece before, but I hardly had two feet on the ground after landing when I started feeling strange and wonderful: strange because suddenly Im in a country where I can’t even make out the writing on the signs in the airport—they were all Greek to me (yes, a stupid, stale, but very true joke!)—and wonderful, because even during the short ride from the airport to my digs, I felt something familiar. … Read more

HOME ARCHAEOLOGY: Closet excavation is a big, tiresome job, but it isn’t entirely unrewarding…

The archaeological project referenced above started about two years ago. The dig site is my house, and the artifacts I am discovering are buried in layers of accumulation in my cupboards and closets. There are always surprises in archaeology, and a recent one in this dig turned up at the bottom of a cardboard box that sat on a closet floor, under a stack of cardboard boxes that almost reached the ceiling. When I burrowed into this box, I found some paintings that I did decades ago when I was first learning watercolor. … Read more