Grand Canyon

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Monsoon Season
Watercolor, 18” x 24”, $950

The time of year I usually visit Grand Canyon is at the end of monsoon season. When I first heard someone talk about this, I thought the term “monsoon” was simply a dryly humorous usage. I learned quickly that it is not ironic. It’s how the meteorologists describe this kind of weather, as it does indeed resemble the warm, drenching rains of India. Very sudden, very wet! The bird in this painting is a California condor. There has been a long-term, very successful reintroduction of these birds at Grand Canyon since the mid-90s. Naturalists hang out along the South Rim with booms and microphones, listening for evidence of condors at their nests on the Battleship formation. Friendly and knowledgeable folk, they patiently answer all the questions of curious visitors.